Project's study - Licensing

A project's study by our office contains the below main parts:

  • First comunication with our client

    We list the general needs of our client or his requirements that the study has to include.

  • Autopsy at the project's area

    To take photos and note the positive and negative data of the area.

  • We give a written offer to our client for acceptance

    A detailed written presentation of the works, the costs and the timetable of the study is given to our client.

  • List of the demands in areas and equipment

    We make a detail list of the needs or requirements in spaces and equipment of the client, according to the project's use.

  • Presentation of the project's sugestion in 3D representation

    Constructions' proposals are presented in a 2D and 3D color display together with the necessary equipment on a PC screen. Real-time modifications are possible. We will do all the necessary changes until the desired result is achieved.

  • Preparation of the necessary studies

    We prepare all the necessary studies and plans for the final construction.

  • Apply to Authorities for the necessary Licens

    We support all the studies and plans to Authorities in order to take as soon as possible the relative Licens

  • Licenses with all approved studies and plans are given to our client.

    Supplementary detailed design drawings can be provided on demand.

Knowledge - experience - dilligence- effectiveness

  • My more than 35 years of professional career as a freelance civil engineer, with my own office and coworkers in Athens.  
  • My more than 30 years of experience in the market of Real Estate mainly in Andros island, as an independent  Valuer engineer for Banks.
  • The excellent knowledge of Complex Urban Planning Laws, Building Regulations etc.
  • My extensive experience in supporting studies and taking Structural License and Permits,

Are the best Guarantee to achieve the optimum result.

I will be glad to discuss with you any relative subject.

Dimitris Chelmis
Dipl. Civil engineer
Curriculum Vitae at link

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