Energy Efficiency Certificate

The issuance of the Energy Efficiency Certificate (EEC) for a whole building or an independent property is required for renting or selling a property. It indicates the amount of energy  that a building needs for heating or cooling.

The Certificate is valid for 10 years from its issuance and remains valid regardless of the ownership change. Changes in use, to heating / cooling systems, to the form of exterior facades of the building or independent ownership, lead to the issuance of a new Certificate. 

We look for the information you need from relative Authorities (if you do not have them). We do an autopsy at your property to make the relevant measurements, and to take photographs. Then we issue the Certificate.

We need a copy of your ID card, the property’s  owner contract, and the heating system control paper (in some cases). All these documents do not need to be copied because we photocopy them during the autopsy.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to give you a quote for a correct and fast issuance of the Certificate.

Dimitris Chelmis
Dipl. Civil engineer

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